Tuesday, October 1, 2013

RTD October 2013 Newsletter

Event Announcement: RTD Webinar Series

Presenter: Dr. David Merrill
Title: My Hopes for the Future of Instructional Technology
October 17, 2013
Time: 1:30 P.M. (EDT)

Registration Link: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/wmg0r8xig6wl&eom


The RTD hashtag: #RTdiv

You can add the hashtag to your Facebook and Twitter post before, during or after the AECT 2013 International Convention to promote your #RTdiv session(s)!

RTD AECT 2013 Convention Events

AECT Welcome Reception
Wed Oct 30 2013, 6:00 to 8:00pm Building/Room: Main Floor, Casa Vecina

Post-Reception Dinner
Wed Oct 30 2013, 8:15pm: La Casa Garcia (http://lacasagarcia.com/)  

Board Meeting 
Wed Oct 30 2013, 11:45 to 12:45pm  Building/Room: 2nd Level - Tower, Salon 5 

RTD Membership Meeting
Thu Oct 31 2013, 10:30 to 11:30am, Building/Room: 2nd Level - Tower / Salon 4 

D&D/RTD Luncheon
Thu Oct 31 2013, 11:45 to 12:45pm  Building/Room: Main Floor, First - Garden 3 

RTD Invited Session A. Communities of Innovation: Theory, Research, and Practice
Fri Nov 1 2013, 1:00 to 2:00pm  Building/Room: 2nd Level - Tower, Salon 3

RTD Invited Session B: Learning in MOOCs and Learning From MOOCs
Thu Oct 31 2013, 8:00 to 9:00am  
Building/Room: 2nd Level - Tower, Salon 2

Thank you for your service Dr. Ana Paula Correia!

Dr. Correia is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Iowa State University and a faculty member with the Human-Computer Interaction graduate program at Iowa State University.She is currently on faculty professional development leave (also known as sabbatical) working with the Portuguese Open University.

RTD members,

Looking back to my experiences as president-elect, president and past-president of the AECT Research and Theory division I have mix feelings of achievement and nostalgia. Now that my journey as president comes to an end, it is very fulfilling to see what the division has accomplished on these last few years.

Thanks to the dedication and commitment of its board members and members’ involvement, we were able to grow a strong division. The annual convention program puts a special emphasis on presenting research and scholarship that encompasses multiple perspectives and supports emerging scholars; the members have a greater voice as result of a constructive dialogue on Facebook; newly created awards recognize individuals /teams and their impact on the field of Educational Technology; and successful elections secure a keen and innovative leadership.

The nostalgia comes from a certainty that I will no longer be part of a group of outstanding professionals and people that are taking AECT Research and Theory division to the next level. The current division board members work diligently to strengthen networks and promote critical conversations that have a definitive impact on the field.

With gratitude,
Ana-Paula Correia
(Braga, Portugal, September 30, 2013)

Incoming RTD Officers

Michael Grant, Past President
George Veletsianos
, President
Jonathan McKeown
, President Elect
David Moore
, Division Representation to the AECT Board
Wei Wang,
Royce Kimmons
, Board Member at Large
Pinar Arpaci
, Graduate Student Board Representative
Enilda Romero-Hall
, RTD Professional Development Facilitator
Min Kyu Kim,
RTD Professional Development Facilitator
Lina Metlevskiene
, Communications Officer

Consider volunteering as an officer in the AECT RTD upcoming elections (2014)!

Congratulations to our Award Recipients! 

Outstanding Book Award:

Conducting Educational Design Research

By: Susan McKenney and Thomas Reeves

Published by Routledge

Outstanding Journal Article Award:

Examining the effects of computer-based scaffolds on novice teachers’ reflective journal writing

By: Guolin Lai and Brendan Calandra

Published in Educational Technology Research & Development

Dean and Sybil McClusky Research Award:

An examination of direct and indirect effects of instructor feedback, students’ feedback orientation, and goal orientation on students’ motivation and performance in online learning

By: Serdar Abaci

Outstanding Research and Theory Division-sponsored Presentation Award

Examining Student Engagement in the Problem Space Afforded by
Case-based Discussions
By: Peg Ertmer and Adrie Koehler

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